LRI 1803 UNO

One powerful pulse – Eight popular treatments

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The system can perform the following treatments:

  • Painless hair removal
  • ST face lifting
  • SR skin rejuvenation
  • Acne treatments
  • Skin lightening treatments
  • Nail fungus treatments
  • Vascular treatments

The Uno system uses light beam technology and is among the world’s most advanced esthetic treatments!
The system dramatically accelerates the speed of treatment and includes a skin.
Make the most of the innovative ALT technology – bringing together expertise, progress and efficiency for the success of your business. The advanced hair removal and skin texture treatment device that can take your business to the next level.

The UNO LRI is a hair removal and skin texture treatment device that utilizes the innovative ALT technology – an advanced light beam which delivers a single and most powerful light pulse. This technology enables to provide a range of different aesthetic treatments in a much safer way: removal of unwanted hair, skin tightening, skin revitalization, skin rejuvenation and lifting, treatment of skin pigmentation, anti-aging, skin lightening, acne, toenail fungus and vascular treatments. Thanks to the UNO LRI you can offer a more effective treatment, in less time, which translates into a meaningful increase in business revenues. At the same time, the device makes use of advanced cooling technology which delivers, via focused freezing, a prolonged numbing throughout the treatment, and essentially turns the treatment into a pain-free experience. The ergonomic design of the device’s handle also contributes significantly to an easier and more effective treatment. The UNO LRI is user friendly and easy to operate, which means shorter treatment sessions and increased business profits. Furthermore, using the device does not require in-depth medical knowledge and it is incredibly safe to use.. Additionally, once the UNO LRI device is ordered, LEO’s team of leading professionals in their fields, will help, guide, advise, explain and provide the aesthetician with the needed support and guidance in every step of the way, both operationally and technically

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מידע טכני:

  • The UNO LRI utilizes the ALT technology, which combines two groundbreaking technologies in the field of hair removal and skin texture treatments.

    The first is ALT (short for Accumulative Light Torrent Technology), a light-based technology perfected to a never seen before levels of precision and speed: a powerful pulse. The speed of this action generates a very fast energy accumulation, which is translated via a complex biological process into heat energy. This energy is conducted throughout the length of the hair follicle where the heat causes a coagulation of proteins in the root (dermal papilla) which leads to the death of the hair. Importantly, this process harms chromoform cells without inflicting damage to the skin tissue.  Another advantage of this technology is its ability to match the wavelengths to the various types of skin treatments – between 400 to 1,200 nanometers. Thanks to this built-in responsivity, treatments are safer and pain-free. Indeed, the UNO LRI is undoubtedly one of the most advanced hair removal devices ever to be developed.

    The second technology is a unique clinically-based cooling technology, that utilizes focused freezing to generate ongoing numbing throughout the entire treatment, turning the treatment pain-free. The innovative work handle is ergonomically designed and includes a Graviton component that cancels the stress of gravity on the wrist. The user-friendly interface significantly improves carrying out the treatment and dramatically eases the required body posture during the treatment.

    In addition, the Rapid Super Gliding system, enables speedy coverage of larger work areas and by which shortens the required treatment time.  

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