HYPER PULSE Featherlite | Hair Removal and Body treatments for perfect skin texture

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Full scale aesthetic treatments:

  • Skin tightening ST
  • Skin rejuvenation SR
  • Acne treatment
  • Skin whitening
  • Finger nail fungus
  • Vascular treatment
  • High speed S.R up to 20 P.P.S
  • High speed H.R  7 P.P.S
  • Small areas H.R up to 20 P.P.S
  • Hyper Pulse – hair removal medical ability, up to 65J/cm²

The system for a perfect body skin texture which is designed with you, the aesthetician, in mind. The innovative system with the groundbreaking ALT technology and featherlight handle – easiest for you.

Hyper Pulse is the revolutionary skin treatment solution sweeping through the world of aesthetics.
Its advanced light technology has set a new standard for speed that dramatically accelerates treatment, and its scientifically proven skin-cooling technique has taken the pain out of procedures.

The results speak for themselves – starting with the first treatment.
Hyper Pulse can increase revenue potential while providing quick, quality hair removal that customers rave about.

The HYPER PULSE ALT method combines three groundbreaking technologies in the field of skin texture and hair removal treatments. The first is ALT (short for Accumulative Light Torrent Technology),
a light-based technology perfected to a never seen before levels of precision and speed: 5 powerful pulses (up to 40/65 Joule/Cm
2) in a second, with a maximal coverage area of up to 7.5 cm2. The speed of this action generates a very fast energy accumulation, which is translated via a complex biological process into heat energy. This energy is conducted throughout the length of the hair follicle where the heat causes a coagulation of proteins in the root (dermal papilla) which leads to the death of the hair. Importantly, this process harms chromoform cells without inflicting damage to the skin tissue.  Another advantage of this technology is its ability to match the wavelengths to the various types of skin treatments. Thanks to this built-in responsiveness, treatments are safer and pain-free! Indeed, this device is undoubtedly one of the most advanced hair removal devices ever to be developed. The second technology is a unique clinically-based cooling technology, that uses focused freezing to generate ongoing numbing throughout the entire treatment, turning the treatment pain-free. The innovative work handle is ergonomically designed and includes a Graviton component that cancels the stress of gravity on the wrist. The user-friendly interface with hand and foot controls significantly improves carrying out the treatment and dramatically eases the required body posture during the treatment. The third is AWDS – Applicator Weight Diminishing System, a unique technology to this device which eliminates the weight burden operating on the aesthetician’s body during the treatment. The handle allows you to benefit from treatment free of back pain, muscle or joint pain caused by work-related body posture and the resulting fatigue. Thanks to this revolutionary handle, the required treatment time can be reduced to up to 11 minutes for a full body treatment and you can save as much as 80% of work time compared to other devices

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מידע טכני:

Medical Hyper Pulse characteristics: 

Hyper Pulse achieves dramatic results, including speedy treatment, high skin area coverage and pain-free care, thanks to its exclusive design. The medical version carries Medical CE and stand up to 60601 standard. optional featherlite (AWDS) system for weightless applicators.

  1. Powerful tissue-cooling technology: Continuous cooling throughout the procedure regardless of pulse-light frequency. results among the best in the market.
  2. Rapid Super Glide system: Quick coverage of large areas, which shortens treatment time. Up to 7 P.P.S for standard hair removal, 20 P.P.S for special areas treatments S.R and H.R.
  3. User-friendly operation: weightless applicator makes operation and patient positioning comfortable; color touch-screen interface for simple intuitive use.
  4. Best practice, light pulse technology: produces 5,7 or 20 complete rapid pulses in 1 second, up to 65 joules/cm² each pulse in hair removal mode and up to 20 pulses a second for S.R mode. Outstanding accumulative energy treatment.
  5. Medical grade filters: for treatment accuracy and precise light penetration to the treated tissue.
  6. AWDS applicator weight, diminishing system. special mechanism to lift off weight from the practitioner’s hands and securing the applicator at all times. providing the most amazing sensation of day to day practice without physical efforts and burden.
  7. LeoTouch app : the new treatment managing application, for both patient control service and information source. Controlling the aesthetic clinic in 4 dimensions: patient and treatments information. sophisticated service radar- announcing malfunctions directly to vendor. Information Centre gathering all protocols for treatments questioners and videos. Service channel for consumables and parts.The series is excellent for the following treatments:
    •  Painless removal of unwanted hair
    • ST Facelift
    • SR skin rejuvenation
    • Acne treatment
    • Skin lightening
    • Toenail fungus treatment
    • Vascular treatments

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