Fortis 7254 Top Tech

The world's best skin care technology

Fortis is a fractional radiofrequency technology system designed for massive, deep, and thorough firming of skin tissue using two types of radio waves. The advanced system, backed by clinical studies, combines a wide variety of facial and body treatments
for every age and skin tone, all in one device Matrix- MRV Non Ablative- SRV
With the Fortis system you can customize the required treatment with the utmost precision to achieve the desired results. With Fortis, it’s easy to adjust the treatment to the patient’s age, skin, and sensitivity

The results are noticeable right from the very first treatment

A brief and effective series of treatments will improve skin texture and appearance, slow aging processes, and improve the treated area – with a minimal sense of discomfort

Fortis is an upgrade to any clinic ,For both the customer’s experience and for your revenue potential as a treatment provide



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