Hair Removal with Hyper Pulse ALT Makes people happy

ALT- The power of light in your hands

What is ALT
Advanced technologies, combined with our innovative cooling system, have enabled us to achieve groundbreaking treatments capabilities, unprecedented in speed and power – Hyper Pulse Treatment Systems. We have successfully harnessed the powerful energy of light together with our patented advanced technologies – to offer highly effective treatments, which are faster and safer than ever before!

How did we do it 
We have developed a non-invasive and non-ablativeprocedure, using fastand powerful pulses which do not harm skin tissue. During the treatment,multiple light wavelengths penetrate the skin precisely and selectively, reaching deep tissue.

Inside the skin’s deep tissue, the light waves are met with chromophores, transforming into heat energy, delivering fast and impeccable results in hair removal treatments – 11 to 18 mins for full body coverage – and superb clinical results when treating conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, acne, wrinkle and skin tightening.

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Our Technology and Devices

Hyper Pulse ALT LRI 1818

Hair Removal Device for clinics Faster & Painless

Hyper-Pulse Masterlight 1810

Hair Removal Device for clinics Faster & Painless

Hyper-Pulse Purplelight

A revolutionary Applicator for body skin tightening

Super LRI

Machine for hair removal


Sculpt and Slim the body

UNO LRI 1803

Hair Removal Machine

Fortis Fractional RF

Multi-system for skin


Phototherapy System with LED technology

Diamond Peeling

Cleansing & Peeling

Cosmetics Products


Treatment Spray

מי פנים

Alpha & Beta Formula

חומצה היאלרונית 50 מ”ל

סרום חומצה היאלרונית

חומצה היאלרונית 100 מ”ל

סרום חומצה היאלרונית

סריניטי 100 מ”ל

קרם להרגעה ולשיקום העור

Thermal Plumping Gel

For RF treatment

ג’ל התפחה

תכשיר לאפקט תרמי לטיפולי RF

אבקה מינרלית

אבקת הגנה מינרלית לפנים 30SPF


Soothes and rehabilitates the skin

Glider Spray

Treatment Spray 1000 ml

Glider Spray

Treatment Spray 500 ml

Cosmetic Foam

Facial Cleanser Foam

Liquid Glycerin

Liquid for body and facial massage and RF treatments

Butterpure Peeling

Enzymatic Peeling & Clean

Balm Springs

Mask Moisturizes

סרניטי 250 מ”ל

קרם להרגעה ולשיקום העור

חמאת פילינג אנזימטי

בעלת 3 פעולות ניקוי

גליידר 1000 מ”ל

תרסיס עזר מקצועי להסרת שיער

גליידר 500 מ”ל

תרסיס עזר מקצועי להסרת שיער

סבון מוקצף

לניקוי וריענון העור

מסיכת לחות

נספגת במהירות ומתאימה לכל סוגי וגווני העור

Our Advantages

Research & Development

All businesses rely first and foremost on research and development. However, in order to lead our industry and produce exclusive advantages, develop innovative technologies, and invent patents, we’ve focused on the preventative human element, which sees every problem or required solution as a challenge and task that drives us to express our creativity and flexible thinking.


We chose the name Leonardo for a reason. The man and the symbol truly embody the word INVENTION. This one word entails so much: in-depth knowledge, groundbreaking creativity, perseverance, being alert to a need or problem, knowing when to think out of the box – connecting all these dots and inventing the smart, advanced, and effective solution.


To date we have been engaged in technologies, development, and patents. But in the end, its about people. It doesn’t matter whether they are our developers, inventors, or our customers around the world, everyone requires excellent interpersonal communication, understanding, openness and transparency, and the aspiration to deliver experiences and meet people’s needs. You can only achieve this with one tool – integrity.

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